Capturing the Majesty

Horse racing comes with colour, drama and pageantry; here are 7 keys to taking the best photos of a galloping group of Thoroughbreds

If you feel inspired to try and capture a few moments of tonight’s action, here are a few simple principals you can apply to your photography, no matter what your technical proficiency.

Do a Little Homework

Take a look through tonight’s program to find out who is racing and what cool and interesting things you can make a connection with. Do you have a favourite jockey you would like to focus in on? Is there a horse with the same name as your high school sweetheart?
Is there a race that is near and dear to you?

Take Advantage of the Pre-Race

Arrive early, if you can, to take some shots of the horses as they warm up. Find an interesting vantage point and let your creative side shine.

Use Your Intuition

If you have a gut-feeling that the best action will happen at a certain turn, or if you see it all unfolding on the straightaway, get in position and fire away

To Camp or Not to Camp

If you really want to capture a moment in time, you’re gonna have to get out of your seat. Great racing photography doesn’t just happen on its own. If you can, take the opportunity to move around from the paddock to the chute, from the stands to the tarmac. It’ll add variety to your pictures and you’ll be happier with the results.

Winning Isn’t Everything

Don’t get us wrong, the celebratory shot of a winning jockey or a neck-and-neck finish can be dramatic, but so too can the jittery excitement at the starting gate or the determination during the race.

Be Aware of Your Backdrop

Don’t simply consider what is in the foreground of your photograph; take a look at what’s beyond it. Vehicles, electrical equipment and stray track personnel don’t make for exciting photos. Carefully consider your surroundings and envision what will make the best background to help your image shine like a superstar.

Develop your Own Style

Maybe you love the colours of the race, or maybe it’s the horses that capture your imagination. Find what makes you the happiest and photograph that. Before you know it, you’ll have created your own vision for the Sport of Kings that will make your pictures stand out from everyone else’s.

If you happen to capture a great one, please share it on your favourite social media channel. Don’t forget to tag us!